A social media friendly wedding is totally possible; it just takes a happy couple and some planning to make it happen. We conjured up this social media guide to help you incorporate it into your wedding day!


It begins with a hashtag

 Time to put on your thinking caps, because you and your partner need a cool hashtag! It can be a pun (we’re thinking #lettucecelebrate), a celebrity mashup of your names (did somebody say #brangelina), or a saying (how cute is #meetthepattisons or #smithspartyoftwo).

If you are having trouble creating a hashtag you can always check out wedding paper divas hashtag generator. By answering a few questions about yourself, your fiancé, and your wedding date they generate a list of unique hashtags. You then have the option to check your preferred hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to make sure it’s not in use.

Your custom wedding hashtag is a great way to see your wedding through your guests’ eyes, while also getting some beautiful candid’s. If you want your guests to use social media during your wedding, make sure they are using your custom hashtag.  Place a note in your wedding program or a framed sign at your ceremony site. This way everyone will know they can be second shooters on your special day.


Filter It

 Snapchat is a great option for couples looking to be creative and engaging with social media! By creating a geo-filter, “snapchatters” can overlay your custom design on their photos and videos. Geo-filters are a fun and out-of-the-box way for your guests to share their memories from your wedding to their Snapchat stories. If you are interested in having a custom geo filter for your big day, click here to get started in creating your own. 


Lets Get Live

If you have a small guest list or a destination wedding, it may be difficult for all of your family and friends to be in attendance. That is why Facebook and Instagram live videos are a great way to share your special day with those who have to celebrate from afar. You can assign one person to stream parts of your wedding live, and decide before hand which parts you want them to broadcast.

Spoiler Alert

If you are worried about spoilers- give the bridal party a heads up not to get ‘gramming until after your “I do’s”. Being mindful that your guests want to help you celebrate via a snap or insta post will help you manage your weddings presence on social media and how to approach using it.