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Up-Lighting & Intelligent Lighting

Lighting is one of the key elements that can transform any event from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Event lighting is the perfect addition that can dramatically change the look of your event from dull to remarkable. With the right lighting the venue and all its elements are transformed and instantly enhanced. Whether you’re looking for lighting to improve the already posh décor or change it dramatically, our experts will tailor the lighting to create your dream scene. We specialize in the newest trends including gobo monograms, custom light design and wireless up lighting. Our lighting specialists take pride in working with our clients to create the right ambiance and desired mood during the event.


  • Wired LED Up-lighting, single color
  • Wireless LED Up-lighting- Available in 250 custom colors that can be changed throughout the event
  • Intelligent Lighting
  • Gobo Monogram
  • Animated Monogram
“On the wedding day, everything was wonderful. The up lighting was great and really adds an element to the room.”

This specific type of lighting enhances and heightens both the décor and venue. Up lighting provides a one-of-a kind setting that is distinctive and eye-catching to all guests. Lights can alter the ambiance of a room to fit the specific need and desired mood. Our up lighting has 250 color options that can be matched to your specific décor colors.

Intelligent Lighting
Intelligent lighting is controlled through an automated system and allows for color changes, intricate effects, and moves to the beat of the music. Color changes can be made throughout the night if desired. Our lighting design and effects are used at the appropriate times to enhance the ambiance and make the mood change depending on the situation.