Forget awkward head shots and stiff smiles because in a photo booth anything goes! Whether you’re a selfie aficionado or a little camera shy, you are sure to look fab by following these tips to the perfect photo booth pics:

1. Have Fun with Props.

Photo booths are all about the props that is why Lights Camera DJs has you covered when it comes to getting your props on. Don’t be afraid to go all out, photo booth pics are the opposite of school day pictures. So grab a boa, over-sized sunnies, or maybe a mustache and let your personality shine!

2. Stand Front and Center

 No need to rush to press start when you get into the photo booth. Make sure you and your group are standing in the center of the screen. If you have a large group that wants to take a picture, be sure to get up close and personal! You don’t want someone to get cut out of the frame.

CT Wedding Group Pic


3. Change Poses Not Positions

Strike a pose, and vogue!  Keep your photo booth pictures fun and interesting by changing poses for all four shots. There are about 4 – 5 seconds between each shot so try not to change your position if you are with a group of people. You don’t want the flash to go off while you all are moving to another position.

Photo Booth Tip Change Poses not Positions

4. Have Fun

Remember the most important tip to the perfect photo booth pictures is to have fun.  Don’t be afraid to look silly and let loose. The sillier you are, the more enjoyable it is for the bride and groom!

Photo Booth Tip Have Fun