Wow, isn’t it amazing how fast the first month of 2016 has gone? We know it’s a cliche, but we’re going to say it: where has the time gone? With January winding down and engagement season in full swing we wanted to bring you some advice on a topic many of our brides have asked us about: Wedding Social Media and how to pull it off. Here are some of our tips, mostly dos and a few don’ts to keep in mind for incorporating social media into your wedding!
Marriage. Marriage is what brings us together today. As social media and technology weave their way into our lives more and more, it only makes sense that we’d utilize them to plan and document big life events like a marriage. We’ve put together a handy list of dos and don’ts to remember for documenting a wedding, whether it’s yours or that of someone close to you.
Do: Use hashtags! Get guests more involved by setting up a unique hashtag that they can use to share tweets, pics and special moments with each other. You and your guests can then look up the hashtag after your event to see all of the images taken during the day. Include the hashtag on table tents, save the dates, your website, etc. According to, 55% of couples surveyed used unique hashtags for their big day and 10% regretted not using one after the fact. If you can’t come up with a unique hashtag yourself, there are online generators like WeddingWire’s you can use to create one for you!
Do: Document (almost) everything else. Assign a few people to snap pictures of the reception and fun things that happen after the ceremony. In the moment, have them update Twitter and Instagram using your hashtag, while waiting for later to post their pics to a Facebook album for all to see.
Do: Consolidate your content in one place. Use IFTTT recipes to gather all of your photos, updates, videos, sound bytes, etc. all in one place like your Dropbox account or Facebook page (this helps if you have a unique hashtag). You can also use an app like Eversnap or WedPics to create private networks for your guests to contribute post pictures to and remember the day.
Do: Unplug! This is a big day, some would say The Big Day! While documenting a wedding makes it easy and fun to look back on the day and smile, this is meant to be an occasion for very real, very human emotion and interaction. If you’re spending the entire time behind the screen of your phone, you’ll miss all wonderful things happening around you off-screen. This, of course, goes double for you if you’re actually the one getting married! Put the phone down for a while and live the moment.
This advice is great to keep in mind while including social media in your big day, but remember these key points to help make it the perfect social experience for you AND your guests!
• Don’t take pictures of the ceremony – especially if you hired a professional photographer and it can be very distracting to everyone trying to enjoy the moment.
• Don’t post pictures of the bride before the ceremony – don’t ruin the big reveal!
• Don’t spoil surprises for your guests – Most people love surprises, so let them enjoy all the ones you have planned.
• Don’t rely too much on social media – not everyone is tech savvy, so remember to spread information the old fashioned way as well (i.e. snail mail and telephone).
Good luck and remember – have fun!