Thank You Song Sample

I can't say enough how much they want to take the stress off you and make sure your day and your guests day is perfect!

Additional Services

We have other services that can make your event even more memorable. These Additional services include items such as Bluetooth and wireless speakers, projectors/projection screens and TVs.


Additional Services:

  • TVs- include slideshow production
  • Projection Screen
  • Projector
  • Thank you song (custom personalized recording) a Lights Camera DJs exclusive
  • Mic and audio support for ceremony (including lapel microphones)
  • Wireless speakers (great for cocktail hour or large rooms)
  • Bluetooth speakers (great for remote locations)


Projection Screens

Slideshows and video montages projected on large screens add an intimate and sentimental touch to weddings and other special events. Guests are able to see into the lives of the bride and groom or the guest of honor. Through video, memories can be shared and recognition to the important people in your life can be given.


Flat Screen TVs

TVs can provide a variety of visual displays at your event. Custom slideshows allow guests to reminisce memories during cocktail hour, dinner, first dances or parent dances. We can create multiple slide shows to run throughout the night!


Thank You Song

A prerecording for friends and family thanking them for sharing in your special day. An opportunity to thank all guest at once. We record your voices over an instrumental piece of music to create the Thank You Song. It will typically be played as one of the first songs after toast!