Did you know that engagement sessions are an important part of your wedding planning process? You get to meet with your photographer, get to know each other and, most important of all, you get to take some fantastic pictures that will become lasting memories for you and your fiancé! With this in mind, this blog post we are covering the importance of engagement photos and how to make the most of them.

Fear Factor – we can get through it together

Let’s face it, getting your picture taken can be stressful and sometimes scary. Will the photographer get the right angle? Will the lighting be right? Did I put on enough makeup, or too much? Relax and leave the worries to your photographer! It’s their job to make sure they capture you and your partner looking your best. Rest assured, your photographer won’t be using a smartphone and will know what poses to use and how to best light your beautiful face.

The importance of engagement photos

There are many reasons why it’s important to have engagement photos taken and why so many people recommend doing so. The photos you take during your engagement session can be used many times leading up to the wedding. Show off your beautiful photos by using them to personalizing your save the dates, giving them as gifts to your friends and loved ones, and incorporating them into your décor on your wedding day. More importantly, engagement photo sessions are a time for you and your photographer to get to know each other both in front of and behind the camera. Your photographer will get you know you and your fiance, your personality as a couple and you both will get a preview of what’s to come. Are you a quirky couple with a sense of humor? This is something your photographer will come to know and will suggest creative poses for both your engagement session as well as during your wedding day (bride and groom tug-of-war, anyone?). The time taken during your engagement session will go along way towards building the trust between you and your photographer.

Location, location, location

Selecting a location for your engagement session is just as important as the poses and lighting used in the photographs. You want to choose a place that has importance to you as a couple or maybe matches your wedding theme. Did you get engaged at a local winery? Why not have your engagement session at the same winery? Are both you and your fiance nature enthusiasts? Why not take your pictures at a local state park? Having your pictures taken somewhere that means something to both of you will make them more memorable and meaningful when you look back on them. Just keep in mind, your preferred location may require permits or special permission to allow photography on the grounds. Also, consider bringing props with you to give your pictures more interest. The props can go along with your wedding theme or help you display your wedding date. These props can be as simple as balloons or a sign with your wedding date scrawled on it, a couple of baseballs with “I DO” written on them (for the more sporty couple) or your dog happy to be included in the action. The point is, the more fun and creative you are with your pictures, the more your photographer learns about your personality and more memorable your pictures become.

Have a contingency plan

As we all know, Mother Nature has a mind of her own. It can be sunny and warm the day before your photoshoot, and the day of you’re looking at 45-degree temperatures, torrential rain and winds of 30 miles per hour. For this reason, you should schedule a couple dates with your photographer for rain or snow dates.

Make the best dressed list

What to wear, what to wear? That is the essential question for every big occasion, including your engagement pictures. Here are a few ideas to help you dress to impress.

  • Have options: We recommend packing a few options for your pictures and changing midway through the session. Maybe you prefer a comfy casual look but also want some poses in a more formal attire? Do you share a favorite team or activity? Bring along jerseys to add some more personalization to your session. Adding a variety of styles to your pictures will allow for more options to pick from in the end.
  • Layer: Layering can be helpful to think about when choosing an outfit, whether it’s with accessories or clothing. It adds interest to your outfit without being distracting.
  • Coordinate: We’re not saying to match and be twins with your fiance (awkward), but your outfits should look like they belong together. Dress in the same color family and style to make your pictures look effortless.
  • Color: We recommend sticking to solid, rich colors. Bold patterns can be distracting when photographed and certain colors can wash tend to wash you out. Know what colors look good on you and wear that, or if all else fails, stick to bright, rich colors and you’ll look great!
  • Comfort: You have to feel comfortable to look comfortable! And comfort does not always refer to what you wear on your feet. Yes there will probably be some walking to find the perfect backdrop and lighting, so do think about comfortable footwear. But that does not mean you can’t rock those new Louboutins during your session! Bringing backup is key. Comfort in clothing is also very important. If you plan on an active shoot (having your partner lift you, climbing on walls, standing above the photographer, etc.) think of coverage. No one wants a wardrobe malfunction during their photoshoot! That leads us to our final point.
  • Personality: Most importantly, just be yourself! You want to look like your best version of yourself. So if you’re a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl, don’t feel like you have to try to do an elegant cocktail party themed session when you really want to go outside and take pictures at the park! This is all about you and your fiance, so let your personalities shine through!

The most important thing to remember – have fun and show your personality!