1. Country Themed Weddings – Weddings are headed west — at least in style and design. The big theme of the year is inspired by ranches and lots of leather accents. The details are personal and elevated, but the party has a fun, relaxed vibe. A rustic ranch sets the scene for details like antler motifs, distressed lounges with cowhide rugs and wildflower bouquets. Mix in leather elements to contrast the soft and romantic wedding details in accents like the napkin belly band. Guests can sip on specialty craft beers or mix their own heirloom bourbon cocktails in a copper mug.
  2. Rustic Flowers – According to the 2015 trends, the flowers used in weddings are also going to be of rustic and country inspiration – with floral arrangements and bridal bouquets composed of flowers that seem freshly picked right off the field. Using seasonal flowers remains a huge trend, as well as incorporating the season’s elements in the arrangements themselves: chestnuts, pine cones and acorns, if we’re talking about a fall wedding; or a wool-wrapped bouquet, when planning a winter wedding. For spring-summer weddings, the trend is the use of pastel colored flowers or total white. For more sophisticated weddings, ultra-luxurious flower arrangements are trending, especially romantic and large petal flowers – like orchids, hydrangeas and hyacinths – while avoiding exposed leaves, branches and stems.
  3. Drone Wedding Photos and GoPro Videos – If you want a view of your wedding from every angle imaginable then try this trend. Some photographers are getting in on the action by using drones to capture aerial shots, like the view of your ceremony from overhead and the amazing scenery. Videographers are doing it too by bringing along GoPro cameras to the wedding in addition to their video cameras. The cool part about these is that they can be attached to a “selfie stick” to get ultra-creative shots of you and your guests on the dance floor and record your guests’ candid reactions as they enter the reception.
  4. Bridesmaids Go Mobile – You don’t need to get all of your bridesmaids together to tie bows on wedding favors anymore. Instead, lots of couples are enlisting wedding planning help through apps like TaskRabbit to take on any small to-dos, TouristEye to help plan the honeymoon itinerary, and The Knot Wedding Planner app to find and get in touch with all of the right wedding pros. Being a wedding guest is easier this year too. All of the major registries make it easy to buy gifts straight from your phone, and Uber and Lyft ensure guests don’t have trouble finding a ride at the end of the night.
  5. Foodie Trends – Food has been very traditional for the past several decades: sit down or buffet. There is an overhaul being done as if everyone just noticed “wow, we have changed everything except for what we eat” at weddings. Food trucks are becoming a huge trend and it’s something that couples are just learning about, so it’s going to be a big deal in 2015 and beyond. Food trucks aren’t just limited to fried goodness, they include cupcake trucks for your guests to stop by as they leave (no more favors!!), mini-everythings from cheesesteaks to sliders, tacos, falafel and more. There is no “wrong” here and couples are even using these instead of a formal dinner. Just make sure you have enough so that a line doesn’t build!
  6. Smaller Sips – Be the flights of craft beer; shots of different bourbons; wine samplings; sangria that goes from white to pink to deep red; or even a lemonade or fizzy soda bar, couples are letting guests sample an array of beverages. These types of different drink stations are yet another way to let guests peek into your personal tastes, with the added bonus of helping you keep your bar budget in check.
  7. Unexpected Wedding Venues – More couples will look to unexpected spots for their wedding venue, like castles, private estates, museums and even caves. The best part about a unique venue choice is you don’t have to go overboard on all the décor — you can let the space speak for itself. Keep in mind that if you go this way, the logistics may be trickier than they would in a traditional wedding venue.
  8. The Third Dress – Why have one dress when you can have three? We’ve heard of brides changing their dress for the reception or late night for the after-party. Now, a few fashion-forward brides are actually choosing three different gowns for each part of the day. Imagine a ball gown for the ceremony, a sleek sheath for the reception and then a short, feathery minidress for the after-party. It sounds like a lot, but for some brides who just can’t decide, this is a fun trend to try.
  9. A Real Cinderella Story – Casual weddings have reigned for the past five-plus years. But we love that some couples are taking their wedding style in the very opposite direction with lots of opulent details, like a champagne tower, multitier cake and dramatic entrance. If you really want to go over-the-top, take a page from the new Cinderella movie and actually have it in a castle. Even if your wedding won’t be in a castle, you could still add formality to it with touches like hand-delivered invitations and valets to escort guests to their seats at the reception. This is your chance to go all out and wear a big, white ball gown and even a crown. Guys can get fancy too in three-piece suits.
  10. Entrances. It used to be that at the beginning of the reception, the newly married couple, their wedding party and parents would be introduced by the MC before going into the first dance of the evening. Now, couples are opting to either only introduce themselves or going all out with a major entrance and choreographed dance. We are seeing couples work with choreographers to surprise their guests right at the start of their reception. While this was always seen at Sweet 16s and Mitzvahs, brides and grooms are bringing this trend to their own big day. Don’t be surprised if at the next wedding you attend, a full out dance starts as the entire party is introduced.
  11. No Ceremony. We are getting many inquiries for “just a party”. People are waiting longer to get married, putting their careers first and their love lives on hold. When “the one” is found, typically couples will live together first before the big day, and even more aren’t interested in a formal ceremony. Sometimes couples want to just run down to city hall and make it They then want to plan a huge party where people can show up, dance, drink and not sit through a formal ceremony.